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Class, style, elegance, fine quality are more than words on a page to describe Olive’s Branch Gallery. We are a Gallery offering valued antiques, art, and collectibles as well as fine quality decor and home accessories.   With a professional manner and the utmost respect we look forward to every opportunity to meet new people and create a positive experience.

At Olive’s Branch we have an appreciation for the special aura of beauty, character, and history that accompanies European imports.  The heavy provenance they carry brings added emotion to the experience of folding these items into our everyday living experience.  As we live our lives with these antiques we become a part of the unique provenance.

Olive’s Branch curates with care and scrutiny toward fine quality in all items offered through the Gallery.  You will find home decor and accessory gallery offerings chosen for you to consider as a compliment to your home as well as your cherished  antiques, art, and collectables.

Olive’s Branch offers an online registry service as well as an in store registry experience to brides, individuals and organizations..  We are pleased to include in our registry full access to the Vietri and Match tableware and fine quality interiors.   Olive’s Branch registry is inclusive of select items offered through Olive’s Branch Gallery Shop.

Olive’s Branch also offers guidance toward best course for  estate property disposition.  Whether your estate property would be best represented toward optimal value through auctions, estate sales, or floor consignment Olive’s Branch can advise, manage, and facilitate the process. Please reach out through our contact us below to request services.

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