Olive’s Branch Gallery can provide market exposure for your personal property through our diverse media applications and platforms, as well as our beautiful Olive’s Branch Gallery venue, strategically located in the historic and trendy visitor traffic in Greer Station. Services to our sellers include photography, research, marketing, as well an optimal display available to the public. Olive’s Branch Gallery will display your property in our beautiful showroom, thoughtfully and tastefully featured to the highest advantage for the market. Your item(s) distinctive provenance and condition reports are made available for interested buyers.

Once your item(s) sell either at your requested consigned pricing or at auction, you will receive an itemized accounting of each item/lot sold and for which payment has been received by us, along with your consignor check.

Auction Valuation

Olive’s Branch Gallery continuously accepts quality items for evaluation and potential consignment to our consignment floor and auctions.

While presenting items to Olive’s Branch Gallery forward to consignment and or auction, photos are welcome preliminary to personal inspection.

Olive’s Branch Gallery offers floor consignment, as well as auction consignment. We offer a preliminary floor sales consignment opportunity to you, enabling market exposure prior to a future auction, as well as the opportunity to sell from the floor at your asking price to an early organic market.

Selling preliminary to an auction at your requested price from the floor offers you the option to reduce risk on the selling price at auction. It will add market exposure to your item as we will feature the item online as “buy now” at your requested price, followed by an agreed upon auction date if it does not sell from the floor within the agreed upon term. Reserve selling (minimum selling price) auction value options can be agreed upon as well. Terms of the consignment or Gallery Floor exposure, versus future auction opportunity will be contracted prior to Olive’s Branch Gallery accepting your item to the Gallery. Selling to your best advantage is our goal.

We also appreciate any additional information about the object’s history, artist, maker, material, and dimensions, all of which will assist us in arriving at the most accurate assessment, as well as catching the prospective buyer’s attention. Provenance (the place of origin or earliest known history) is often key to attracting your market. In the evaluation process, we will take into consideration current market trends, rarity, provenance, and overall condition of your item.

Once this information is received by the team at Olive’s Branch , we will evaluate your items and advise your items value and your best options for disposition.

Items we do not sell

  • Looted and excavated items – antiquities and certain Native American items require documented provenance. We do not offer items we suspect have been obtained through illegal excavation due to that may be subject to claims of cultural patrimony.
  • Endangered species – Including but not limited to rhinoceros, spotted cat, eagle, and song birds. Items containing elements from these species fall under CITES regulations.
  • Nazi or KKK related artifacts
  • Cemetery artifacts, gravestones or statuary.